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I'd like to propose the following: 1. Move Portal 1 content to GLaDOS voice lines (Portal) 2. Move Portal 2 content to GLaDOS voice lines (Portal 2) 3. Move Other content (Poker Night, Bridge Constructor) to GLaDOS voice lines (Other) — Ta... DA: 29 PA: 46 MOZ Rank: 54. Portal 2 All Singleplayer Voice Lines - Portal Wiki theportalwiki.com.

168 items. Description. A Portal 2 themed voice pack featuring a passive-aggressive mass murdering rogue opera singer. 1300 lines. Radio effect added. SPARK compatible. Expansion version here. Since I don't own the dlc I made this pack with regular soldiers in mind, so cues that aren't used on SPARK units like psi-abilities and panic have lines. Unresolved: Release in which this issue/RFE will be addressed This article is a transcript of all of the quotes from a given character or entity To find the lines you're looking for press ctrl+F this will put up a search bar, now search for the line you want Osteoporosis medication list 2012 Voice Spice is a free online voice recorder and.

Glados Voicelines - Bridge Constructor Portal. Subscribe. Description. Voice lines from the tie in portal game, Bridge Constructor Portal. All of them are numbered, from first line you hear, to the last line you hear, including some alternative takes. So expect spoilers for later levels, if you intend to play BCP. Includes:.




This is a GLaDOS AI voice generator tool. It sounds really realistic and it could be used in custom Portal campaigns and mods! Sorry if it was posted here before. fifteen.ai/app. ... To us humans, the amount of lines available by GLaDOS seem like a lot, but usually, you need a lot more data in a training set when training neural networks in. Find some quotes for various system sounds. Download the voice lines into an easy to find folder, and select them for whichever sounds you think best. It may take a while to browse through all the lines, so if you can remember a quote you particularly like, try using Ctrl+F and searching up some key words from it.

Spectacular. You appear to understand how a portal affects forward momentum, or to be more precise, how it does not. 06_part1_success_2-1. Momentum, a function of mass and velocity, is conserved between portals. In layman's terms, speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out. 07_part1_entry-1.

Search: Glados Autotune. So take your time to wach them And despite what the gripers on Youtube say, this song makes the most effective use of auto-tune since GLaDOS Best Ai Voice Generator +1 for this, and also for the programming block Jay-Z – Death of Auto-Tune Iron & Wine – Naked As We Came Elliott Brood – The Valley Town James Bond Theme Star Wars –.